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Update U.S. Constitution

2014 – Present

This is an on-going process to learn and share disconnects between the 230-year old Constitution and the circumstances of 21st century U.S. life. The process is currently triple-pronged, to identify
— Gaps in our civic knowledge and public process
— Transitional models of human organization to address those gaps
— A defined process to codify our new knowledge and models into the U.S. Constitution

As of 2019, the codification process seems to be looking like this:
1. A national book club to read the U.S. Constitution in comparison to the Great Law of Peace, an older Indigenous American model of democracy for the benefit of all.
2. Constitutional conventions in every state to propose and vote on amendments to restore the renewability of all U.S. life
3. Implementation of passed amendments


My current activities on this project are informal and opportunistic at this point — blogging, Tweeting, casual conversation, collecting allies and resources — wherever the energy seems appropriate.


To get our civic juices flowing, here are some resources

Gaps in our civic knowledge. Promote public discussions about
a.  Food-and-farm system
b.  Public money
c.  Private banking system, including the Federal Reserve
d.  Women’s group authority
e.  Real democracy (compared to representative democracy)
f.   Capitalism:  making a profit or making a living
g.  Indigenous peoples’ knowledge

Transitional models of human organization. Identify, evaluate, and promote new models
a.  Participatory budgeting
b.  Cooperative business models
c.  Complete Streets (accommodating all transportation modes)
d.  Community land trusts for housing, farming
e.  Women’s councils, men’s councils
f.   Reduced work week
g.  Public banks, local currency
h.  Single payer health care
i.  Living skills education, outdoor education, farm-to-school curriculum

Constitutional resources
a. U.S. Constitution
b. Great Law of Peace (Iroquois Constitution, or constitution of the Haudenosaunee League)
c. The Constitutions Project
d. Handwriting the Constitution

BLOGS on Updating the U.S. Constitution

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Overcoming U.S. Political Tribalism in 2018: ARE THERE ANY MODELS? June 18, 2018
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