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Stopping Trump & Trumpism: IMPEACHMENT INFORMATION PLAN for Evanston, IL

Democratic Party of Evanston (DPOE)
Evanston justice groups
Individual Evanston activists

Evanston media

Hi, all —

Thanks to the Democratic Party of Evanston for inviting me to put a “game plan” together for working on impeachment in Evanston. Or as I like to say, for “getting the impeachment show on the road” in Evanston.

This last seems to be a paraphrase of a statement made by Tip O’Neill, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts, about moving Nixon’s impeachment forward in 1973-74. (O’Neill later became Speaker of the House,1977-87.) Unfortunately, I can’t find the original reference. But the urgency is the same in 2019—if not more so. It’s time for us to act.

Per various news stories in the last few days, it sounds like the U.S. House Judiciary Committee is getting ready to start an official impeachment inquiry, possibly as soon as Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2019. The process is likely to be front-page news for the next few months, so the more informed we all are, the better.

The idea of a plan for Evanston voters started last week with some Tweets in which I tagged Democratic Party leaders — House Democrats, the Democratic National Party, our Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL9), and the Democratic Party of Evanston (DPOE).

The message of my Tweets was:
To: Dem leadership
Re: Stopping Trump
To be crystal clear…
1. I am working on IMPEACHMENT every day, every hour. Are you?
2. On Nov. 3, 2020, I will not vote for Biden. I’ll vote 3rd party or independent.
3. If you don’t impeach ASAP, don’t put Trump 2020 on me.
DPOE replied:

“Hi Debbie, what would you like to see the Evanston Dems do? .

@  RepSchakowsky endorses impeachment, most IL house of rep dems endorse it. Feel free to email us your game plan and let’s work together on it.”

My response:
— Great idea. I’ll put something together over the weekend.
— Re Jan’s endorsement: Endorsement is not the same as working on day in, day out. She didn’t even advertise her event with Jill Wine-Banks–or identify it as an impeachment event afterwards.
— I’ll do some specifics. Thx.

So far as I know, DPOE does not have an official position on impeaching Donald Trump. For this reason I have crafted my plan as an “Impeachment Information Plan” through which DPOE can provide a valuable service to members, other Evanstonians, etc. If DPOE decides to support an impeachment inquiry, so much the better.

For the record, I am not a member of DPOE or any other organization.

My own statement on starting an impeachment process was published in the Evanston Roundtable on May 30, 2019.  It is posted on my website: To Move Forward, Impeach Trump .

Here’s my IMPEACHMENT INFORMATION PLAN for voters in Evanston, in IL9, and in DPOE’s networks.  The action items are categorized as follows:
1. WEBSITE: Create an impeachment information page
2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Promote analysis, news, events
4. ENGAGE OTHER REPRESENTATIVES at state, county, and local level
5. IMPEACHMENT TEACH-IN: Hold event for members + public

Feel free to share.