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SURVEY plus updates and analysis while the survey was live
Aug. 14, 2012 – Nov. 5, 2012

FOOD VOTE 2012 SURVEY  (U.S.):  The survey is closed but it is still readable.



These major websites have long lists of current campaign issues. None identify food as an issue in 2012.



The long-range goals of the Food Vote 2012 Survey are:

  • Support every American adult who wants to become a “food citizen”
  • Develop a “Complete Food and Farm System” framework — feeding ourselves + feeding each other — that can be easily learned and applied by any community, any jurisdiction, any agency.

Medium-term, the Food Vote 2012 Survey is an attempt to

  • Build awareness of food systems as a high-leverage arena for positive civic action — among voters, media, legislators, government officials, organizations
  • Establish a baseline of knowledge for future action — between elections and during future elections
  • Build voter self-confidence in natural adult standing regarding a basic, universal need — food
  • Build voter skills in claiming adult standing, individually and collectively — sensing, thinking, articulating, deciding, acting about food

Short-term, the survey is an attempt to:

  • Gauge the responsiveness of the U.S. House of Representatives to constituents’ emergency needs
  • Encourage constituents to educate Congressional candidates (incumbents and challengers) on community food system solutions to emergency problems
  • Support healing, political unity, and coalition building among the growing number of individuals and organizations who are part of the U.S. community food and farm networks


UPDATES and analysis during survey
(Aug. 14 – Nov. 5, 2012 blogposts)

Aug. 14    Food Vote 2012:  National U.S. Survey Goes Live

Aug. 21    Who’s a Food Candidate:  How can we tell?

Aug. 28    Talking to Candidates about Food:  Tools and tips

Sept. 10   No Chinese Menu in the Voting Booth:  Streamlining voter & candidate thinking

Sept. 20   Congressional Food Candidate #2

Oct. 3       Building Public Awareness about Food:  High-impact actions

Oct. 16     Why Sponsor of Local Farms, Food, & Jobs Bill is not a Food Candidate….yet

Oct. 23     Talking to Candidates:  Can a constitutional amendment address food system issues?

Oct. 26     Talking to Candidates about Food:  Getting campaign promises