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Food Vote 2012

From start to finish

— Why Now?
 Survey plus updates during survey
Survey Results:  Post-Nov. 6, 2012 Election

Original Introduction

Can U.S. voters in 2012 vote on their food concerns?
Are there Congressional candidates in the U.S. who have listed “food” as a campaign issue for 2012?
If not, can voters make food a campaign issue by Sept. 15, 2012?

Between now and November 6, 2012, this website will attempt to:
a. Survey U.S. voters on candidates’ food issues as campaigns unfold.
Illinois pilot survey starts in June; national survey begins in July.
b. Blog about survey findings, geographical nuances, language, various food issues, etc.
c. Share Resources and Tools that might help 2012 voters make food a campaign issue in any jurisdiction.

Post-November 6, 2012
We will summarize and analyze whether U.S. voters had food choices in the 2012 election.

The Food Vote 2012 project is made possible by monies I received in 2011 (as one of seven grandchildren) from the sale of property owned by my family in downtown Denver. The building and land was the site of my family’s business, General Hardware, a 98-year old institution that closed in 2008, yet another victim of the overselling of the global economy.

This website and my work in 2012 are dedicated to:

  • My great-uncle, the first of my family to settle in Denver from Belarus (in 1910) and who bought the original Cushing Hardware store
  • My grandparents, who bought the store from Uncle Joe and who, with Uncle Joe’s continued involvement) built the store into the Denver fixture that it became
  • My uncle who, with other Denver family and other non-family partners, stewarded General Hardware over its last 30 years
  • My extended family who have managed to stay in touch across the country and across the world, throughout our Diaspora.

May my efforts here support:
All others’ efforts to stay alive and to stay connected with their families and cultures,
All humans in our desire to act as a single species and be at home with one another,
All other species with whom we share this planetary home, and who want to reunite with humans.