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Job Posting for the Women’s March organization — AKA the real West Wing, the real Executive Branch

Job Posting for the Women’s March organization — AKA the real West Wing, the real Executive Branch
Posted July 31, 2017

This is an updated and reformatted version of a July 26, 2017 announcement posted on two food-and-farm listservs serving U.S. and North America.

To: Women, Food, and Agriculture Network (national organization based in Ames, Iowa)
North American Food Systems Network (professional development organization based in Ithaca, NY)
bcc: Women who know what it means to wear birthing paint and warrior paint — at the same time

In the six months since the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington, I have come to think of the Women’s March organization as the alternative White House, the real West Wing, the real executive branch of this country. The Women’s March Twitter page is my go-to site for the latest in implementing the ideals of the U.S.A., as written in human law and nature’s design.

In truth, women are manifesters and implementers, as well as consummate group thinkers. For my money, the Women’s March organization has been manifesting women’s natural authority big time — and inspiring millions of women to do the same. After thousands of years of systematic dissolution — 200+ years in the U.S. — women’s group authority is now being codified and instituted — for the betterment of all (humans and non-humans).

The recent announcement by the Women’s March to hire an Executive Director is just another step in this codification. Here is the announcement as it was posted on the Women’s March Twitter account and website.
Executive Director, Women’s March

Interesting job description — very 21st century professional and very Women’s March (thank goodness). And, for those who might want to apply, the website says very clearly that the job description is just a general overview, not a mandatory comprehensive list of qualifications: Data shows that women more frequently do not apply to a job because they don’t feel that they meet all of the qualifications listed…. If you feel passionate about our efforts and believe that you have the skills to contribute and lead in this role apply! We want to hear from you!

Location is listed as New York with the following parenthetical comment: But we are most interested in finding the best possible candidate.
Salary is commensurate with experience.
Application. There is no application form. Interested candidates are invited to email resumes + cover letters.

I think it likely that the Women’s March will get a lot of good applicants for this position. If the job search committee is looking for some nuanced input in terms of making the final selection, here’s my thoughts:

1. A TANDEM JOB SHARE? I wonder if co-Executive Directors is the best model. The Women’s March leadership has already shown how effective (and fun) team leadership is. Plus we’ve already had thousands of years of toxic top dog personality leadership (male and female). I myself have enjoyed numerous co-leadership relationships and seen many other successful ones.

— more geographical representation to a heavily NYC organization
— more rural voices
— more indigenous voices
— voices from other sectors (e.g., food-and-farm) that have not yet been centered or amplified in the Women’s March activities. It would be great to have a food-and-farm person in this position, because I see food-and-farm folks as some of the most practical people I know — especially when experienced in public process and committed to real democracy. People connected to the land are tuned into earth cycles and earth spirits on a daily basis.