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Since February 2019, I have been actively promoting the impeachment of Donald Trump as our 45th president, as well as actively promoting the impeachment or removal of many of his appointees.

Over the last 8 months, I have:

  • worn a home-made badge saying “Impeach”
  • written “Impeachment” on public chalkboards
  • written a letter-to-the-editor to my local newspaper (Evanston Roundtable, published in May)
  • participated in national grassroots coalition calls (By the People)
  • participated in numerous Impeachment University webinars (March for Truth)
  • written numerous blogs on impeachment
  • contacted my Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky numerous times — phone, note delivered to her office, email, Twitter — to encourage her to keep supporting impeachment and to support a comprehensive list of Articles of Impeachment
  • Tweeted & retweeted frequently the latest impeachment news, opportunities for involvement, etc.


Here are the latest resources for following the impeachment process and for getting directly involved.

Public hearings began on November 13, 2019
They are being televised on many outlets. My preference is C-Span.

Legal Grounds for an Impeachment Investigation of President Donald Trump
Compiled by The Impeachment Project since January 21, 2017

Impeachment for the People:: A Draft Resolution of Articles of Impeachment
24 pages, published Nov. 2019

The articles are divided into six categories
• Abuse of power to target political adversaries, critics, and the press;
• Corruption of electoral processes;
• Abuse of office to promote discrimination, hostility, and unlawful violence;
• Corruption and self-enrichment;
• Obstruction of the administration of justice and Congressional inquiries;
• and Misuse of armed forces and abuse of emergency powers.

By the People, CREDO Action, Courage Campaign, Democracy For America, Equal Justice Society, Free Speech For People, Mainers for Accountable Leadership,  March For Truth, Movement School, Presente, Progressive Democrats of America,  Revolving Door Project, Women’s March

WEEKLY COALITION CALLS and regular email updates
Sign up with By the People to get email updates and join the coalition calls (usually Sunday evening).

IMPEACHMENT UNIVERSITY – Periodic webinars with activists, legal experts, legislators
View past segments and register for future ones.

EVENTS — Rapid Response, marches, demonstrations
If and when Articles of Impeachment are passed by the House of Representatives (and sent to the Senate), “Rapid Response” events will mobilize.  Groups all over the country are already planning the events.
By the People Rapid Response Team

BLOGS on impeachment