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Illinois Food Survey


This Illinois survey is a pilot for a national survey which will be activated in June (following the June primaries in 15 states).

Based on the March 20, 2012 Illinois primary, there are 35 candidates for 18 Illinois seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Three are running unopposed; two districts have 3-way races. (Neither Illinois U.S. Senator is up for election in 2012.)

Illinois Food Vote 2012 seeks to find out:

  • How many Illinois residents are concerned about “food” as a campaign issue?
  • How many Illinois residents are connected to the Illinois local food system networks?
  • Can Illinois voters vote on their food concerns in the general election on November 6, 2012?
  • Are any of the 35 Illinois candidates in the 2012 Congressional election running on a “food” platform?
  • If so, what are the details?
  • If not, can constituents mobilize to make food a campaign issue in Illinois Congressional districts by Sept. 15, 2012?
  • If constituents can’t mobilize for the 2012 election, what will help them mobilize for future elections?

Learn more about the Food Vote 2012 survey.
Or go directly to the Illinois Survey.