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Women’s Public Authority


STILL MISSING IN THE U.S.: WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE AUTHORITY – Part C Resources for Inspiration and Action (3 parts) Posted: November 27, 2016 Part A. Events Part B. Current Messages for Inspiration –Reactions to U.S. Election –Standing Rock –Waging Peace Part C. Creating New Foundations for Life: Practical 21st Century Initiatives   C. CREATING NEW FOUNDATIONS […]

Women’s Councils: A high-impact election platform in 2016

Women’s Councils: A high-impact election platform in 2016 Published April 12, 2016 Five days before the March 15 Illinois primary, this 65-year old voter realized that no presidential candidate was addressing my high priority issue: restoring women’s collective public authority to U.S. soil. This is a high-impact platform that could unify our nation, move us […]

Rational Agriculture Incompatible with Capitalism: Gendered rationality and Iroquois Constitution

Posted May 2, 2015 Note: This was originally posted on the COMFOOD list-serv (April 15, 2015), in response to Hank Herrera's posting (April 9, 2015). Thanks for posting the very welcome analysis of capitalism, using the double lens of "rationality" and "agriculture". Megdoff's analysis of agriculture deserves to be widely disseminated and discussed as one […]

“In my purse I carry ….. the U.S. Constitution”

“In my purse I carry ….. the U.S. Constitution” Updating an Outdated Document:   Focus group results on a national Book Club to read the U.S. Constitution (and propose amendments) Published February 18, 2015 In October 2014, I was invited to present my national book club idea at a non-political networking event.  Idea Potluck in Chicago is […]


A Resolution on Food, Farms, and Democracy Posted November 11, 2014 Presented at the Congress to Address the First Woman’s Rights Convention Chicago, IL: March 2014 Earlier this year, I was honored and excited to be included in the culmination of year-long event to update the document produced by the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention. The […]

New Chicago Plan? Response to Chicago Tribune Challenge: Include food system, women’s leadership, power-sharing

October 8, 2013 To: Advocates for Urban Agriculture (Greater Chicago) Illinois Local Food and Farms Coalition (Illinois) Good Greens (USDA FNS Midwest Office – serving 6 states: OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, MN) Illinois Farmers Market Assn. (serving all 300+ Illinois markets) Women, Food, and Agriculture Network (national organization based in Ames, Iowa) cc: Lake […]