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Transition to real democracy

EVANSTON, IL: Stop or slow “5/5 TIF District” proposal

Evanston, Illinois is in a crisis of public trust. The root causes of this crisis are thousands of years old (erosion of women’s personal and public authority), hundreds of years old (moral and logical contradictions in the U.S. Constitution), decades old (acceleration of climate disruption and economic disparities), compounded by national and global events of […]

PUBLIC TRUST in Evanston, IL: Sexual Harassment Complaints Buried for Years, Weeks, Days

On July 16, 2021, current elected officials and residents first learned of a long-standing complaint by female lakefront staff of sexual harassment by male lakefront staff (including supervisors). From a public trust point of view, there were additional egregious problems:— Although City staff received a petition signed by 50+ women in July 2020, no one […]

EVANSTON, IL Pop-up Newsletter: Money, Banking, Food, Farms, Democracy

For this newsletter, I only have one Evanston news item to share (Wild Onion Market). But there’s a lot of important national news with (a) local connections, (b) local impact, and (c) local actionability — with lots of interconnections among the areas of Money, Banking, Food, Farms, and Democracy. Two items have action deadlines. I hope […]

NEW BILLS IN CONGRESS: “Establishing a 21st Century Economy for All”

I just got great news from Ken Pentel in Minnesota (Ecology Democracy Network), who has been working on one of the two bills that U.S. Ilhan Omar (MN) is packaging as Establishing a 21st Century Economy for All — Support the GPI Act and SUPPORT Act. According to Ken, the GPI Act and the SUPPORT Act will be […]

EVANSTON, IL: Election Night Dream — Charting a better climate path?

The renewable quality—the sacredness of every living thing, that which connects human beings to the place they inhabit—that quality is the single most liberating aspect of our environment. Life is renewable and all the things that support life are renewable, and they are renewed by a force greater than any government’s, greater than any living […]

PUBLIC BANKING: Testimony to Illinois General Assembly Committee

Today, March 23, 2021, the Financial Institutions Committee of the Illinois General Assembly is hosting a “subject matter” hearing on state banks, as promoted in a current bill HB0089, “Community Bank of Illinois Act”. Members of the informal Illinois public banking coalition were invited to provide testimony. Knowing how these hearings sometimes go, I opted […]

URBAN & SUBURBAN VOTERS: Right to Food, Right to Garden — Current Illinois Bill (2021)

Just like the Whole Earth Catalogue did for my generation of urban folks (Baby Boom), I think The New Farmer’s Almanac can help to reconnect urban & suburban people—70% of U.S. voters—with the land, earth cycles, and our own human cycles. So that collectively, we make better decisions—climate-wise and democracy-wise. This right to food, right to garden legislation will […]

Are TRUTH, RACIAL HEALING, & TRANSFORMATION in this country’s future?

NOTE Dec. 28, 2020:This was originally published by Dear Evanston, a local (Evanston, IL) outlet supporting racial justice. Thanks to editor Nina Kavin for inviting me to submit this article and for soliciting some comments by Alderwoman Robin Rue-Simmons. Original post was published on July 2, 2020 and includes some nice photos. Evanston resident Debbie […]