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Public Trust

Why did RBG regret her 2005 opinion in Sherrill, NY v. Oneida? PS I’m glad she did.

According to The Buffalo Chronicle published on May 5, 2020, “More than any other case, Ginsberg [sic] regrets her decision in Oneida vs Sherill (2005) — a case in which she drafted a majority 8-to-1 opinion that Native Americans have viewed as a callously racist denial of justice ever since.” I think it would be extremely helpful […]

THINKING ALOUD re TRUMP: 23 days to go

Apologies to anyone who may have been influenced by my two-week lapse in judgment regarding Trump’s final days in office. After the November election and against my better self-counsel, I allowed myself to get sucked into the fear-mongering about the dangers of Trump’s lame duck presidency and to promote an intervention as soon as possible. […]

THINKING ALOUD re Trump: 31 days to go

Quote Tweet, Dec. 20, 2020: Dr. Bandy Lee: “What do you do when there isn’t [an ounce of decency left in GOP…to tell Trump to stop planning a coup or he’ll be removed from office in accordance with the Constitution–Tom Nichols]? This is when arrest, or a mental health hold, becomes necessary. To continue to pretend […]

Climate Deadlock and Censorship: Planet of the Humans, Liberals (certain kinds), & Friends of Liberals (Naomi Klein)

If you are asking yourself, what is this blogpost really about and do I really want to read it, the answer is “censorship” and yes, if you care about truth. Specifically, this is about the attempted pre-emptive censorship of a documentary film (Planet of the Humans) by 1.  investors whose plans for big bucks from renewable […]

SHOCK DOCTRINE — Evanston, IL 2020: Is the city government being hijacked from the voters?

In September 2019, the City Manager of Evanston left his position (after 10 years) for another position. Voters and officials knew well in advance of his leaving that we would need to find a new City Manager. Many public discussions were had, both before September and after, with voters making it clear at every opportunity […]