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Public Trust

BLOOMBERG EDITOR: ’The Money Question’ is “nonsense” — my musings & Tweets after listening to a podcast on Bitcoin

I highly recommend this podcast on Bitcoin — for anyone who wants to understand how Bitcoin works, for anyone who wants to meditate on money as a social construct, and, inadvertently, for anyone who wants to dismantle our current undemocratic and stupid operating system (money & banking). Here’s the official details from the Apple site: […]

EVANSTON, IL: Election Night Dream — Charting a better climate path?

The renewable quality—the sacredness of every living thing, that which connects human beings to the place they inhabit—that quality is the single most liberating aspect of our environment. Life is renewable and all the things that support life are renewable, and they are renewed by a force greater than any government’s, greater than any living […]

EVANSTON, IL (March 4, 2021): Elections Pop-up Newsletter

Local elections in Evanston, IL are on April 6, 2021. This is a pop-up newsletter to provide practical information, to facilitate participation, and to highlight big picture issues by connecting our local issues with larger jurisdictions (county, state, regional, national, world). To:Evanston voters Evanston candidatesEvanston mediaEvanston political groupsEvanston activists in my networksResidents of my neighborhood (Nichols […]

EVANSTON, IL: Elections Pop-up Newsletter (Jan. 31, 2021) — Issues: City Code + Local Food Systems

Local elections in Evanston, IL are on Feb. 23, 2021 (primary) and April 6, 2021 (general). This is a pop-up newsletter to provide practical information, to facilitate participation, and to highlight big picture issues. CONTENTS of this newsletter: CITY CODE (aldermanic powers & duties), LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS (components, examples, resources), U.S. SENATE CONFIRMATION HEARING (Secretary […]

Why did RBG regret her 2005 opinion in Sherrill, NY v. Oneida? PS I’m glad she did.

According to The Buffalo Chronicle published on May 5, 2020, “More than any other case, Ginsberg [sic] regrets her decision in Oneida vs Sherill (2005) — a case in which she drafted a majority 8-to-1 opinion that Native Americans have viewed as a callously racist denial of justice ever since.” I think it would be extremely helpful […]

THINKING ALOUD re TRUMP: 23 days to go

UPDATE: March 29, 2021It seems as if there might have been a good reason for Dr. Lee’s erratic “organizing” over the last year or so. At some point during 2020, she was fired by Yale for her Tweets about Trump (and perhaps about Alan Dershowitz’s “shared psychosis”). It seems as if she spent the better […]

THINKING ALOUD re Trump: 31 days to go

Quote Tweet, Dec. 20, 2020: Dr. Bandy Lee: “What do you do when there isn’t [an ounce of decency left in GOP…to tell Trump to stop planning a coup or he’ll be removed from office in accordance with the Constitution–Tom Nichols]? This is when arrest, or a mental health hold, becomes necessary. To continue to pretend […]