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Election Platforms

Presidential Politics: Update for food & farm activists

This update contains 5 topics relevant to Food + Farms + Democracy as our work is reflected in the 2020 campaign for U.S. president: 1. IMPEACH & REMOVE RALLIES (tonight Dec. 17)2. DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: Threat of Sodexo strike3. FOOD & FARM PLATFORMS4. SECRETARIES OF AGRICULTURE (federal & state)5. ORDER OF PRIMARIES & CAUCUSES Sent to three […]

Presidential Politics + Food & Farm Justice: Starting with Impeachment….

Slightly edited version of a posting made to three major U.S. food-and-farm listservs: COMFOOD (Tufts Univ.) Food Policy Networks – FPN (Johns Hopkins Univ.) Regeneration Midwest (serving 12 states) CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. Beginning an IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY 3. QUESTIONS FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES 4. PRESIDENTIAL PLATFORMS on food-and-farm 5. PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES 6. INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE ANNOUNCES 1. […]

REGENERATION MIDWEST: 25% of Land, People, and U.S. Political Power?

A slightly edited version of an announcement sent to three national food-and-farm listservs: COMFOOD (Tufts Univ.) Food Policy Networks – FPN (Johns Hopkins Univ.) North America Food Systems Network – NAFSN (Cornell Univ.) NEWS from REGENERATION MIDWEST — IL IN IA KS MI MN MO NE ND OH SD WI Here’s news from REGENERATION MIDWEST, the […]

2018 Elections: Food & Farm Platform for Candidates, Voters, Media

FOOD-AND-FARM PLATFORM for 2018 Elections Regenerating our Democracy, our Habitats, Ourselves  (PDF) A two-page platform for candidates, voters, and media. Federal: Page 1 Systemic policies and programs implementable at the federal level   State + Local: Page 2 Illinois-specific goals and strategies, most of which can easily apply to other states, as well as to other jurisdictions […]

2017 and 2018 Elections: Food-and-farm platforms, food-and-farm candidates

2017 and 2018 Elections: Every candidate a food-and-farm candidate? Statewide Food-and-farm Platforms Posted July 28, 2017 On June 26, 2017 I posted a query to two of the largest and most active national and North American food-and-farm listservs — COMFOOD (Tufts Univ.) and FPN (Food Policy Networks – Johns Hopkins Univ.). QUESTION Does anyone have […]

Women’s Councils: A high-impact election platform in 2016

Women’s Councils: A high-impact election platform in 2016 Published April 12, 2016 Five days before the March 15 Illinois primary, this 65-year old voter realized that no presidential candidate was addressing my high priority issue: restoring women’s collective public authority to U.S. soil. This is a high-impact platform that could unify our nation, move us […]

Election results for FOOD Candidates — Good News

Food Vote 2012: National U.S. Survey Survey of “community food and farm” leaders and other U.S. residents Aug. 14 – Nov. 6, 2012 Congratulations to both FOOD candidates identified and vetted through this survey. Both incumbent Congressman Earl Blumenauer (Oregon) and first-time Congressional candidate Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) won their elections by wide margins. See below […]