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Money & Banking

“RICHER THAN WE THINK” — Public banks as 2018 election platform

“RICHER THAN WE THINK” — Public banks as 2018 election platform Posted May 30, 2018 Originally published on national food-and-farm networks. –COMFOOD (Community Food, Tufts Univ.) –FPN (Food Policy Networks, Johns Hopkins Univ.) –WFAN (Women, Food & Agriculture Network – Ames, Iowa) –Members of U.S. monetary reform groups (American Monetary Institute, Alliance for Just Money, […]

Is Economics a Science? Not without “Money Mechanics” & “Public Money”

Is Economics a Science?  Not without Core Courses in “Money Mechanics” & “Public Money” Posted April 23, 2018 Last week, the Department of Economics at Northwestern University announced its unanimous vote to classify economics as a STEM major. Additional approvals are required before the reclassification is implemented, but the article in the Daily Northwestern made […]

Monetary science and healing for white supremacists, Jews, and other confused Americans

This is an edited and expanded version of a private comment sent to Eric K. Ward, whose June essay went viral during the weekend of Aug. 11, 2017 (as events were unfolding in Charlottesville, VA and as initiated by a gathering of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, etc.). Monetary science and healing for white supremacists, Jews, and […]

Organic Checkoff — NO, New U.S. operating system — YES

Organic Checkoff — NO,  New U.S. operating system — YES Posted April 18, 2017 This blogpost contains two parts: A. My comments on the USDA Organic Checkoff proposal B. Additional resources for learning about the U.S. economy’s operating system — money, banking, language, and democratic process. A. Public comment regarding the Organic Checkoff proposal (submitted on […]

Beyond Capitalism, Before Billionaires: A New-Old System

  BEYOND CAPITALISM, BEFORE BILLIONAIRES:  A New-Old System Posted February 13, 2017 Adapted from a post published on COMFOOD listserv (Tufts University), Feb. 3, 2017. Written in response to a January 2017 thought piece by Ahna Kruzic and Eric Holt-Giminez (Food First), Beyond Trump: How Will a Billionaire’s Privatization of the Presidency Affect our Food? […]

U.S. Farm Movements and Monetary Policy

U.S. Farm Movements and Monetary Policy Published September 27, 2016 The original of this blog was posted to COMFOOD listserv (Tufts University) on September 8, 2016 as “Questions re: U.S. Farm Movements, Monetary Policy, Acres USA”.  Some minor edits have been made. To: Brad Wilson – farmer, writer @FarmJustice Other 6,000+ COMFOOD members bcc: Elizabeth Kucinich […]