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EXPLODING LISTSERV — AKA I’ve been cancelled!: COMPARISON — Industrial agriculture vs. farmers, the gender identity industry vs. women

Well, the listserv didn’t actually explode, not even metaphorically. The moderator ended the public discussion after four emails. From the archives and from the responses I got, I know there were at least three other people who (a) didn’t read my email clearly, and/or (b) don’t know (or won’t acknowledge) what’s going on with the […]

THINKING ALOUD re TRUMP: 23 days to go

UPDATE: March 29, 2021It seems as if there might have been a good reason for Dr. Lee’s erratic “organizing” over the last year or so. At some point during 2020, she was fired by Yale for her Tweets about Trump (and perhaps about Alan Dershowitz’s “shared psychosis”). It seems as if she spent the better […]

THINKING ALOUD re Trump: 31 days to go

Quote Tweet, Dec. 20, 2020: Dr. Bandy Lee: “What do you do when there isn’t [an ounce of decency left in GOP…to tell Trump to stop planning a coup or he’ll be removed from office in accordance with the Constitution–Tom Nichols]? This is when arrest, or a mental health hold, becomes necessary. To continue to pretend […]

Presidential Politics: Update for food & farm activists

This update contains 5 topics relevant to Food + Farms + Democracy as our work is reflected in the 2020 campaign for U.S. president: 1. IMPEACH & REMOVE RALLIES (tonight Dec. 17)2. DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: Threat of Sodexo strike3. FOOD & FARM PLATFORMS4. SECRETARIES OF AGRICULTURE (federal & state)5. ORDER OF PRIMARIES & CAUCUSES Sent to three […]

Who’s your Clan Mother? Saying STOP is Women’s Public Authority (including Impeachment)

In March 2019, I posted this blog as part of a longer blog, my first detailed public statement supporting impeachment hearings.  “Who’s your Clan Mother?” Impeachment as Women’s Public Authority Why it took me so long to come out for impeachment is a topic for another day. Since then, I have been promoting impeachment non-stop […]

Stopping Trump & Trumpism: IMPEACHMENT INFORMATION PLAN for Evanston, IL

To: Democratic Party of Evanston (DPOE) bcc: Evanston justice groups Individual Evanston activists Evanston media Hi, all — Thanks to the Democratic Party of Evanston for inviting me to put a “game plan” together for working on impeachment in Evanston. Or as I like to say, for “getting the impeachment show on the road” in […]

Presidential Politics + Food & Farm Justice: Starting with Impeachment….

Slightly edited version of a posting made to three major U.S. food-and-farm listservs: COMFOOD (Tufts Univ.) Food Policy Networks – FPN (Johns Hopkins Univ.) Regeneration Midwest (serving 12 states) CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. Beginning an IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY 3. QUESTIONS FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES 4. PRESIDENTIAL PLATFORMS on food-and-farm 5. PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES 6. INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE ANNOUNCES 1. […]

Letter to Editor: To Move Forward, Impeach Trump

Published in Evanston Roundtable May 30, 2019 print edition, page 8 (slightly edited for readability) One of the best reasons for impeachment is expressed in this recent question Tweeted by Thea Riofrancos, a political science professor: “Need to feel wiser, & more committed to the world-making task of battling climate change & capitalist domination, & building democracy, […]