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Evanston, IL

Evanston, IL POP-UP NEWSLETTER: Trauma & apology / Leave the leaves & water the trees

There are two items in this newsletter, one short, one long. The short item has some practical tips for preparing our Evanston land for the winter—and for next year’s growing season and beyond. The other, longer item contains some practical tips for rethinking our local, statewide, and national feminist strategy — a rethinking that is […]

To survivors & other women, “I’m sorry, 20th century feminist strategy was wrong”

We made a big mistake. I’m sorry; 20th century feminist strategy was way off base. On the other hand, to give my 70-year old self some slack, I never resonated with the mainstream feminist strategy of my generation — the Equal Rights Amendment. When it was passed by Congress in 1972 and sent to the […]

EVANSTON, IL: Stop or slow “5/5 TIF District” proposal

Evanston, Illinois is in a crisis of public trust. The root causes of this crisis are thousands of years old (erosion of women’s personal and public authority), hundreds of years old (moral and logical contradictions in the U.S. Constitution), decades old (acceleration of climate disruption and economic disparities), compounded by national and global events of […]

Evanston, IL POP-UP NEWSLETTER: Complete Streets, ADUs, OPAL, WasteShed

I’m starting to experience this month as the boomerang month. While September has always been the beginning of harvest season, the end of summer vacation, and back-to-school time, the energy change from August to September seems more and more pronounced over recent years. That quick turnaround — the return of the boomerang — seems reflected […]

EVANSTON, IL Pop-up Newsletter: Leaf blowers, sexual harassment, air travel

In a corrupt, confused, and outdated political system, implementation is always the hardest part of good public policy. I think this is why Evanston and other U.S. governmental units are having such public trust problems these days. In this situation, I find it helpful to spend time bouncing back and forth between the nitty-gritty — […]

EVANSTON, IL POP-UP NEWSLETTER (Aug. 8, 2021): Personnel issues + ARP Funds for Local Foods

Public trust issues are compounding fast in Evanston and it’s hard to make sense of everything — especially when officials (staff and elected) are playing “cover my ass”.   On the other hand, we all still have to keep plugging along on City business — for example, deciding how to spend the American Rescue Plan […]

PUBLIC TRUST in Evanston, IL: Sexual Harassment Complaints Buried for Years, Weeks, Days

On July 16, 2021, current elected officials and residents first learned of a long-standing complaint by female lakefront staff of sexual harassment by male lakefront staff (including supervisors). From a public trust point of view, there were additional egregious problems:— Although City staff received a petition signed by 50+ women in July 2020, no one […]