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Evanston, IL

Opportunity for EVANSTON, IL? Local Foods + Participatory Budgeting + U.S. Money Supply

This email is being sent to approx. 150 people. It is also being posted on my website. If anyone wants to follow up on these ideas on behalf of Evanston, feel free to do so. Also feel free to share with others. I myself will not be able to do any follow-up. To:People in my […]

EVANSTON, IL POP-UP NEWSLETTER — Guaranteed Income, social collapse, city manager search

Hopefully this will be my last newsletter about the city manager search. What a bunch of SNAFUs and embarrassments. We can take comfort in the good baby steps happening in Evanston — participatory budgeting (covered in my last newsletter), guaranteed income pilot program, alternative voting forms, etc. This being the first day of school in […]

Evanston, IL POP-UP NEWSLETTER: Ranked Choice Voting, 988 hotline, Participatory Budgeting, more

This newsletter is bookended by two quasi-personal items: (1) a continuing education course on “The 1960s” taught by my 1968 high school sociology teacher (and Evanston resident), and (2) a legacy list inspired by a journalist half my age who I hope, in turn, might be inspired by the truths I’ve stumbled across over the […]

EVANSTON, IL POP-UP NEWSLETTER: City Manager SNAFU, Digital currency, Leafblower buyback, more

I’ve been writing a lot lately — blogs, letter to editor, Twitter threads, etc.Here’s some items that relate to Evanston, either directly or as a U.S. municipality that shares in larger problems and opportunities common to the county, state, Midwest, country, hemispheres (West + Global North), species, planet. TO: — Evanston voters, media, political groups, businesses, activists, […]

GETTING THE DEMOCRATS’ ATTENTION: Contact the DNC’s “farm” team?

Recently, I got a fundraising email from an organization called Democratic Municipal Officials. I took it as an invitation to voice my 2022 displeasure with the Democrats directly. Other Democratic voters might also want to contact the DMO and give the Democrats one more chance. For those who don’t know anything about the DMO, they […]

ZERO WASTE STORE closes after 5 months: What happened?

When I read this story in a local news outlet (Evanston Now), my initial questions revolved around the kind of input the owners got from Evanston economic and climate folks before they opened, e.g., from Downtown Evanston, Evanston’s Economic Development Department, Citizens Greener Evanston. Of course it’s possible that the owners (who already owned a […]