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Real Democracy

PUBLIC TRUST IN EVANSTON, IL: National cracks being exposed in a Chicago suburb

In April 2017, the City of Evanston had local elections. By a very slim margin, we elected a white disaster capitalist as Mayor (with no previous elected experience). By a very wide margin, we elected a young Black advocate for participatory democracy and government transparency as City Clerk (with no previous elected experience). We elected […]

Is Evanston, IL ready for real Democracy? FIRST STEP — Peer-to-peer collaboration

On Monday night, Dec. 10, 2018, the Evanston City Council voted 9-0 Monday night to honor the citizens’ referendum to save Harley Clarke by taking imminent demolition off the table. They did this by voting down an appeal of the Preservation Commission’s unanimous rejection of a certificate to demolish. Watching the proceedings via livestream TV, […]

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS: Bad public process at the local level — Harley Clarke

Harley Clarke mansion as public lakefront asset:  Preserve or demolish Posted October 14, 2018   How about a good old-fashioned grassroots community meeting? This is a proposal originally made on: — June 6, 2018: to Design Evanston, Evanston Lakehouse & Gardens (ELHG), Evanston Lighthouse Dunes (ELD). I believe that DE submitted my proposal as part […]


A Resolution on Food, Farms, and Democracy Posted November 11, 2014 Presented at the Congress to Address the First Woman’s Rights Convention Chicago, IL: March 2014 Earlier this year, I was honored and excited to be included in the culmination of year-long event to update the document produced by the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention. The […]

Putting the DEMOCRACY into Food-and-Farm Democracy: A Food-and-Farm Bill for and by All Americans

Putting the DEMOCRACY into Food-and-Farm Democracy:  A Food-and-Farm Bill for and by All Americans (posted to food-and-farm list-servs on Nov. 11, 2013) To:  Jasia Steinmetz, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point COMFOOD list-serv cc:  Frances Moore Lappe, Small Planet Institute Women, Food, and Agriculture Network (national organization based in Ames, Iowa) Food Policy Network (national forum based […]