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Real Democracy

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS: Bad public process at the local level — Harley Clarke

Harley Clarke mansion as public lakefront asset:  Preserve or demolish Posted October 14, 2018   How about a good old-fashioned grassroots community meeting? This is a proposal originally made on: — June 6, 2018: to Design Evanston, Evanston Lakehouse & Gardens (ELHG), Evanston Lighthouse Dunes (ELD). I believe that DE submitted my proposal as part […]


A Resolution on Food, Farms, and Democracy Posted November 11, 2014 Presented at the Congress to Address the First Woman’s Rights Convention Chicago, IL: March 2014 Earlier this year, I was honored and excited to be included in the culmination of year-long event to update the document produced by the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention. The […]

Putting the DEMOCRACY into Food-and-Farm Democracy: A Food-and-Farm Bill for and by All Americans

Putting the DEMOCRACY into Food-and-Farm Democracy:  A Food-and-Farm Bill for and by All Americans (posted to food-and-farm list-servs on Nov. 11, 2013) To:  Jasia Steinmetz, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point COMFOOD list-serv cc:  Frances Moore Lappe, Small Planet Institute Women, Food, and Agriculture Network (national organization based in Ames, Iowa) Food Policy Network (national forum based […]