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Real Democracy

CLIMATE PLANS after an election: Charting a more honorable path? Evanston, IL

A. ELECTION NIGHT — April 6, 2021 Even though I’m retired from professional gardening, I still keep gardener’s hours. When the local election results were delayed the other night (April 6, 2021), I had a hard time staying up. But there was a lot at stake in this election. Plus, I had publicly endorsed two […]

EVANSTON, IL: Elections Pop-up Newsletter (Jan. 31, 2021) — Issues: City Code + Local Food Systems

Local elections in Evanston, IL are on Feb. 23, 2021 (primary) and April 6, 2021 (general). This is a pop-up newsletter to provide practical information, to facilitate participation, and to highlight big picture issues. CONTENTS of this newsletter: CITY CODE (aldermanic powers & duties), LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS (components, examples, resources), U.S. SENATE CONFIRMATION HEARING (Secretary […]

BANKING POLITICS & THE MONEY QUESTION: Recent resources for democracy activists

“There is a long tradition of Americans contentiously debating the design of monetary institutions. In the nineteenth century, they clashed over fractional reserve banking, central banking, and the gold standard….[Christopher] Shaw sees Occupy Wall Street and the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign as evidence of a possible revival in banking politics.” — from book review […]

A Cook County Public Bank for Chicago + 130 Suburbs — best practical option for 2021?

Letter-to-editorSubmitted to The Chicago Sun-Times in response to Op-ed “Why Chicago should start public bank” (Dec. 7, 2020) Thanks to Daniel LaSpata, Matt Martin, Robert Peters, and Ameya Pawar for a very readable, understandable, and practical description of what a public bank could do for the City of Chicago, and why public banking is a missing […]

2020 U.S. ELECTIONS: Update for Food & Farm Activists

This is my latest update on the 2020 U.S. elections for three food & farm listservs — COMFOOD (Tufts U.), Food Policy Networks (Johns Hopkins U.), Regeneration Midwest (a 12-state coalition). These networks are committed to food justice, farm justice, democracy through food policy councils, urban-rural coalitions, thriving local economies, good health for all, as […]

EVANSTON, IL: Search for new City Manager — Community input survey

CHOOSING A NEW CITY MANAGER FOR A U.S. CITY IN 2020 I’d like to frame the search for a new City Manager in the crises of the moment. We are living in a time of growing and interlocking crises—the COVID pandemic, climate destruction, and all the inequalities caused by human cruelty, human stupidity, and human […]