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FOOD SECURITY in Evanston, IL: Ideas for 2022, for Illinois, and Beyond

Thanks to Anne Sills for connecting some of us Evanston food & farm folks to a new food security initiative in Evanston that’s just getting started. The initiative (still to be decided and fleshed out) involves one of the local Rotary clubs and a cohort of Northwestern University students in SESP’s Civic Engagement Certificate program […]

A CONUNDRUM: Transition to a Gift Economy — Who gifts to the mothers?

In my lifelong search for women’s public authority, I’ve been studying the gift economy, especially the maternal roots, as facilitated by scholar/philanthropist Genevieve Vaughan and many other women. Vaughan’s websites are filled with resources featuring scholars from around the world: articles, videos, event proceedings, etc.— Original website  Gift Economy— Newer  Maternal Gift Economy Movement A new anthology […]

BIRTH OF A CHRISTMAS CAROL: Do you hear what I hear? (I mean, Is anyone listening?)

Last Friday night, the beginning of the Jewish sabbath, was Christmas Eve. Being neither Christian or a religious Jew, I nevertheless appreciated a certain numinous atmosphere that develops every Friday night and holiday eve. I settled in for a quiet evening, deepened by the worsening COVID pandemic, by the puzzling lack of camraderie in my […]

WOMEN’S PUBLIC AUTHORITY & the ERA: Wishing & working for what we want (instead of against what we don’t want)

A recent podcast on gender identity, women’s public authority, and related issues led to a strange Twitter exchange between me and the guest, an attorney. The guest was one of the first in the U.S. (along with a co-author) to publicly alert the United Nations to the dangers for women and girls of substituting “gender” […]

WORKING THINGS OUT: Gender identity, violence against females, and language confusion in a Chicago-area high school and suburb

Like many high schools and communities around the world, the high school in my hometown is dealing with a set of interlocking crises and confusions that most of us (a) didn’t see coming, or (b) if we did see the complex set of issues coming, we were not well prepared for it. A recent open […]

WOMEN’S WAYS of Knowledge

Being 70 years old, I have observed or participated in many discussions in mixed company over the years, especially about public issues and philosophical questions. Such discussions take place in classrooms, meetings, parties, family gatherings, as well as on TV, radio, and social media. Over the years, in too many of those conversations I ended […]

THE “PERSONAL MISERY” OF ACADEMICS (and other U.S. folks): Some Remedies and Resources

So, a Tweet has gone viral reporting on a poll that asked academics why they remain in academia. Davis Kedrosky, who writes a newsletter on Economic History Research, posted the results of the poll (no link, context, or credit). People in his replies identified it as a Sept. 24, 2021 Twitter poll originating from Prof. William […]