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THINKING ALOUD re TRUMP: 23 days to go

Apologies to anyone who may have been influenced by my two-week lapse in judgment regarding Trump’s final days in office. After the November election and against my better self-counsel, I allowed myself to get sucked into the fear-mongering about the dangers of Trump’s lame duck presidency and to promote an intervention as soon as possible. […]

THINKING ALOUD re Trump: 31 days to go

Quote Tweet, Dec. 20, 2020: Dr. Bandy Lee: “What do you do when there isn’t [an ounce of decency left in GOP…to tell Trump to stop planning a coup or he’ll be removed from office in accordance with the Constitution–Tom Nichols]? This is when arrest, or a mental health hold, becomes necessary. To continue to pretend […]

A Cook County Public Bank for Chicago + 130 Suburbs — best practical option for 2021?

Letter-to-editorSubmitted to The Chicago Sun-Times in response to Op-ed “Why Chicago should start public bank” (Dec. 7, 2020) Thanks to Daniel LaSpata, Matt Martin, Robert Peters, and Ameya Pawar for a very readable, understandable, and practical description of what a public bank could do for the City of Chicago, and why public banking is a missing […]

LAND WALKS for K-12: Homeschooling & Remote Learning in the 2020-21 pandemic

I’m wondering if the idea of regular LAND WALKS for Evanston students would relieve some of the stress that the pandemic is putting on everyone—parents, teachers, administrators, and students themselves? This proposal is addressed to my community of 43 years–Evanston, Illinois–but I think it could be useful for every U.S. community, family, school district, etc. […]


I originally wrote this as an appendix to my blog about my maternal grandparents emigration to the U.S. from Belarus in 1920, BELARUS to U.S.: 1920-2020, a family story. But now that I’ve updated—perhaps finalized—my Real Democracy webpage  I think it useful to have My American Dream as a stand-alone blog. This is especially true as my […]