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LAND WALKS for K-12: Homeschooling & Remote Learning in the 2020-21 pandemic

I’m wondering if the idea of regular LAND WALKS for Evanston students would relieve some of the stress that the pandemic is putting on everyone—parents, teachers, administrators, and students themselves? This proposal is addressed to my community of 43 years–Evanston, Illinois–but I think it could be useful for every U.S. community, family, school district, etc. […]


I originally wrote this as an appendix to my blog about my maternal grandparents emigration to the U.S. from Belarus in 1920, BELARUS to U.S.: 1920-2020, a family story. But now that I’ve updated—perhaps finalized—my Real Democracy webpage  I think it useful to have My American Dream as a stand-alone blog. This is especially true as my […]

2020 U.S. ELECTIONS: FOOD, FARMS, DEMOCRACY PLATFORM — Making the next U.S. Secretary of Agriculture an Election Issue — for all candidates and all voters

In my June 14, 2019 blog on Presidential Politics + Food & Farm Justice, I quoted journalist John Nichols extensively about how the appointment of a U.S. Secretary of Agriculture was, for Trump, “an afterthought” (see Nichols’s book on all Trump’s cabinet appointments, Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse). In fact Sonny Perdue was the last cabinet appointment that Trump […]

“THE GIRL GOD” — Seeking a female metaphor for greatness: Suggestions from indigenous peoples

Trista Hendren runs a publishing house for original work by women for women who celebrate the divine feminine—and who share practical ways to live that life. I believe that her enterprise started with a children’s picture book, The Girl God.  Hence, the company and website name: The Girl God.  I enjoy Trista’s semi-regular newsletters (3-4 times […]


Short-term, part-time job for someone who knows Illinois counties from a food & farm perspective.Involves site visits.Deadline to apply is Sept. 9, 2020. Part of a larger project:“Regeneration Midwest: Scaling up climate and health solutions in agricultural communities across twelve U.S. states” See PDF with details: RMW Job posting 9.4.20

BELARUS to U.S.: 1920-2020, a Family Story

According to our family history, September 1, 2020, was the 100th anniversary of my maternal grandparents’ arrival in Quebec, by boat, from Belarus. Because of the anti-Jewish pogroms, my grandmother, Rochel Chepelevsky, and grandfather, Moshe Eisenstadt, had been quickly married in Slonim (150 miles SW of Minsk) so that they could get out of town. […]