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2020: Are we better off than 2016? A message from Jigidi

Omens, messages, portents, signs, milestones — a strange measuring stick…

One of my favorite computer sites—one I use for recreation and meditation—is Jigidi, a jigsaw puzzle site. People can (a) create their own jigsaw puzzles—post a photo, “paint” a picture, etc.— and/or (b) put those puzzles together—from the small 20-piece size to “huge” 500+ pieces. There is of course a comment section, as well as tracking of the number of solves, the best times, etc. I try not to comment too often but occasionally I do.

This morning, Feb. 27, 2020, I woke up in the wee hours (as I often do) and turned on Jigidi. I saw that a “reply” was indicated next to a picture of a puzzle. I was surprised because I hadn’t commented recently. I was even more surprised because the image of the puzzle was just a solid black rectangle. Thinking it was a momentary computer glitch, I opened up the page, to both read the comment and see the puzzle I had commented on.

In a flash, I realized what I was looking at.  The puzzle was in fact a solid black rectangle, titled A Black Day. It had been posted on November 9, 2016 by a woman from The Netherlands who had been watching the U.S. election results.  Watching from my home in Chicago, I had gone to bed early, not knowing what the outcome was.

As usual, I had awakened in the wee hours of Nov. 9, 2016. Wanting to enjoy a peaceful morning for a little while, I had put off looking at the news. But when I opened up Jigidi and saw the black square titled A Black Day I knew the truth: Too many of my fellow Americans had voted for Donald Trump. The few comments that had already been posted confirmed the news.

The comment that was posted this morning—Feb. 27, 2020—was from a person whose profile says:”I live in NC with the love of my life and our daughter. Retired. Grew up doing puzzles. Love to knit, read, and swim. I love to color as well.”  His/her Jigidi handle is “oldandancient” and the comment was: “It is four years later and we survived. And yes, I am better off than I was four years ago. Thanks for the fun puzzle.”

For the record:
This version of A Black Day is 20 pieces. I don’t know if other sizes were posted.
As of today, there have been 94 solves and 39 comments. 38 of those comments (including mine) were posted on Nov. 9, 2016. Not all of the commenters were horrified at the election results. One person wrote: “We just threw out the oligarchy, the corruption, the lies, the evil….” But the person who posted the puzzle, “madpol” (Maddie), was horrified and replied to a number of comments with great concern.

Here is one exchange between “madpol” and an Ohio voter:

wjl1015  (Joe from east of Cincinnati)
9. Nov 2016
I stayed up thinking it would be over in a few hours (10 or 11 pm EST). I dozed off for a few minutes and nothing had changed. Then came the end…….
God help us all!!! Not just in the USA but globally!  
Sorry, I’ve said enough (breaking my soapbox now)…………

9. Nov 2016
What does “breaking your soap box” mean? Oh I think I understand , never mind. I saw you are in Ohio.. Was that a Trump-minded state? I don’t envy you guys, and I think you’re right, this is BAD news for the whole world.. Thanks Joe

9. Nov 2016
Ohio was a “battleground” state which Trump won in all the rural areas. Clinton won in the urban areas. My county (Clermont) went to Trump.

9. Nov 2016
I’m sorry for you.. 
I wonder what Putin is gonna say.. He will be glad. I live in Holland, and practically nobody here understands..

I don’t know what motivated “oldandancient” to comment on A Black Day at this time.  Synchronistically, the stock market (Dow Jones Industrial Average) recorded its worst point drop ever on record, “plummeting nearly 1200 points” (CNBC).

Not sure what “oldandancient” is measuring. By almost every measure, neither the U.S. nor the world is better off than we were 4 years ago.  

We do, however, have much better clarity on the truth. For sure, that counts for something.
So thanks, Jigidi, for the message.