National Links & Snapshots

Links to Umbrella Food System Organizations

These organizations are some of the veteran groups and people working on local food and farm systems. Each has developed a variety of tools to help any group at any geographic level learn about food systems and food policy.

Scanning these websites will provide many opportunities for self-learning on the issues, language, people, geographies, connections between food system components, etc.
Food First
Real Food Challenge
Crossroads Resource Center
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Women, Food, and Agriculture Network
National Farm to School
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Organic Consumers Association
Farmers Market Coalition
Food Chain Workers Alliance
Hunger and Environmental Nutrition
Wild Farm Alliance
National Family Farm Coalition

Both the content and the format of these resources are designed for quick and comprehensive learning by any adult.

Food Systems 101 Questions [PDF] (1 page)
For Individual or Group Reflection

Penn State Food System Chart [PDF] (1 page)
Hypothesis: Local Food Systems are more likely than Global Food Systems to…. (Energy, Environment, Community, Health, Sustainability). NERCRD, Penn State University, 2010

New Mainstream Food Systems Wheel [PDF] (1 page)
New Mainstream: A Sustainable Food Agenda for California; Ecotrust, 2006

Principles of a Healthy Sustainable Food System [PDF] (1 page)
ADA, ANA, APA, APHA (2010)
American Dietetic Association, American Nurses Association, American Planning Association, and American Public Health Association

Seattle Farm Bill Principles [PDF] (2 pages)
Supporting Healthy Farms, Food, and People: Guidance for the 2012 Farm Bill

Indicators of a Healthy Food System [PDF] (4 pages)
New Mainstream: A Sustainable Food Agenda for California; Ecotrust, 2006