National Links & Snapshots

FOOD-AND-FARM PLATFORM for 2018 Elections
Regenerating our Democracy, our Habitats, Ourselves 
A two-page platform for candidates, voters, and media.

Page 1 contains systemic policies and programs implementable at the federal level.  

State + Local
Page 2 contains Illinois-specific goals and strategies, most of which can easily apply to other states, as well as to other jurisdictions (county, municipal, school district, etc.).


Agricultural Parity, Trade Parity, and Monetary Reform: Maintaining Purchasing Power over Time
2-page explainer prepared by AMI’s Parity Agriculture Committee
Convened by Geraldine Perry (author of Climate Change, Land Use, and Monetary Reform, 2015 book)
With expert input from Randy Cook, president – National Organization for Raw Materials (NORM)


USDA Listening Session 2017 – Coalition Statement to Chief Scientist

Soon after the 2016 election, the Office of the USDA’s Chief Scientist organized a listening session, presumably for the new administration.  Public comment was invited to provide a 50-year vision of U.S. food-and-farm systems for sustainable production.  The listening session was held on March 2, 2017.

A coalition statement was written by four food-and-farm practitioners:
— Alexis Baden-Mayer, Organic Consumers Association (Washington, DC)
— Meg Hourigan, Hartford Advisory Commission on Food Policy (Connecticut)
— Liza Marron, San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition (Colorado)
— Debbie Hillman, FoodFarmsDemocracy (Illinois)

Within two days, an additional 20 individuals and 18 organizations signed on to the statement, which was submitted to the Office of the Chief Scientist on March 9, 2017.  The statement begins:

Visioning of United States Agricultural Systems for Sustainable Production
Over the next 50 years, U.S. agriculture must shift to diverse, resilient, adaptive and regenerative systems that mimic nature, stimulate healthy soils, restore ecosystems, benefit human health, ensure human safety, sustain just and livable employment at all points in the supply chain, increase biodiversity, and build communities of practice, to ensure the vitality of human health and local economies.

The complete 2-page statement (plus signatories) can be read here:
USDA Listening Session 2017 – Coalition Statement to Chief Scientist


Both the content and the format of these resources are designed for quick and comprehensive learning by any adult.

Food Systems 101 Questions [PDF] (1 page)
For Individual or Group Reflection

Penn State Food System Chart [PDF] (1 page)
Hypothesis: Local Food Systems are more likely than Global Food Systems to…. (Energy, Environment, Community, Health, Sustainability). NERCRD, Penn State University, 2010

New Mainstream Food Systems Wheel [PDF] (1 page)
New Mainstream: A Sustainable Food Agenda for California; Ecotrust, 2006

Principles of a Healthy Sustainable Food System [PDF] (1 page)
ADA, ANA, APA, APHA (2010)
American Dietetic Association, American Nurses Association, American Planning Association, and American Public Health Association

Seattle Farm Bill Principles [PDF] (2 pages)
Supporting Healthy Farms, Food, and People: Guidance for the 2012 Farm Bill

Indicators of a Healthy Food System [PDF] (4 pages)
New Mainstream: A Sustainable Food Agenda for California; Ecotrust, 2006