Through FoodFarmsDemocracy I hope to support and interact with other U.S. adults who also want to claim their adult effectiveness as caretakers and providers and who want to be stand-up members of their community.

By “getting specific about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and making group decisions around Food + Farms + Democracy, I think we will address the major sources of our inequalities and our unhappiness.  In the 21st century, food system work is a high leverage arena for addressing multiple social issues.  For that matter, so is real democracy, since no U.S. citizen or resident has ever lived in one.


FoodFarmsDemocracy:  Getting specific about “life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness”  


Food.  Do I have access to food, water, and air — the basic survival requirements for life on earth?

Farms.  Do I have access to place — house, land, community, office, workshop — the physical space that is my habitat?

Democracy.  Do I have a seat at every decision-making table that affects my ability to have access to Food and Farms?  If not, do I have the authority to create a decision-making table that includes me?