Daily Activities

In the interest of helping my family, friends, neighbors, and other human beings understand what I do under the label Food + Farms + Democracy, here is how I spend most of my waking hours.

A. Monitor & Participate in Listservs

1.  Food-and-Farm Listservs
COMFOOD (Tufts University)
COMFOODJOBS (Tufts University)
Food Policy Networks – FPN (Johns Hopkins University)
North American Food Systems Network – NAFSN (Cornell University)
Women, Food, and Agriculture Network – WFAN (Ames, Iowa)

GoodGreens – not a listserv but an essential e-list for the Midwest
6 Midwest states (IL, IN, WI, MN, OH, MI)
USDA Food & Nutrition Service, Midwest Office (downtown Chicago)

Illinois Farmers Market Assn. – IFMA
Illinois Local Food and Farms Coalition – ILFFC

Advocates for Urban Agriculture – AUA (Greater Chicago)
Chicago Weed Ordinance
Sustain Evanston

2. Democracy Listservs
Chicago D&D (Dialogue & Deliberation)
Art of Hosting (Illinois)


B. Blog
— Keep my eyes out for high-impact topics and gaps in the public conversations
— Write and rewrite blog posts


C. Respond to personal emails and phone calls.  Most personal communications are
1.  Requests for help (often referrals) to
— learn about food-and-farm systems
— get a feel for food-and-farm projects in Greater Chicago
— find a job in food-and-farm work
— meet about a specific Evanston-based food-and-farm project
— find specific resources (people, organizations, grants, etc.)
2.  Invitations to
— attend a local food-and-farm event
— attend a local civic engagement event
— collaborate on a group process


D. Meetings and Events
These days, I spend very little time in meetings or attending events.   Most food-and-farm projects are still not working actively in the democracy realm, which makes it easy to keep a clear calendar.


E. Identify, investigate, design, & promote democratic models 
participatory budgeting
co-operative business and organizational models
public banking
food councils
hands-on education


F. Promote specific people, organizations, and events that have a mature or special understanding of democratic food-and-farm systems
Authors, Artists, Filmmakers, Activists

(more to come)