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Welcome to one woman’s search for America’s central fire…..

where all adults and elders sit in council together for the benefit of all

On this website, I hope to articulate….
…the meaning of a central fire
…how I discovered that we don’t have one in the U.S.
…what many of us are doing to re-create one

…plus a lifelong goal — to organize, promote, and participate in a Constitutional Convention


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In Case of Constitutional Crisis….Start Here: The Great Law of Peace

Thanks to indigenous American scholarship, we are learning more and more details of the Iroquois League and their constitution.  We Americans can leapfrog many of the issues that seem to keep us stuck by learning about the mechanisms through which the Iroquois implemented American ideals better than the U.S. — for hundreds of years. Truly a breath of fresh air and sanity! 


2018 Elections:  Food & Farm Platform for Candidates, Voters, Media
“Regenerating our Democracy, our Habitats, ourselves”
Page 1:  Federal platform
Page 2:  Illinois platform (can be adapted by most states, counties, municipalities)